Artist's Bio

Martin Welch - Artist's Bio
      Martin Welch is a well-known artist whose signature red, gold and turquoise crab paintings are very popular with coastal residents.  He has developed a unique style that is very colorful and dynamic.  Martin uses vivid colors, his own variation of Cubism and Sumie painting techniques.  The impact of his paintings makes his work very distinctive and sought after.  Using his own singular style, he paints seafood, birds, pets, local venues and landmarks on large size canvases.  Martin also paints on boards, boxes, benches and other recycled items, preserving the found object as part of his art.  He is a Award Winning Artist.  His paintings have been used for the filming of the movies and television.
      Raised in the Mississippi Delta, Martin is very familiar with dirt roads, school buses, cotton fields and fishing.  He received his art degree from Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, graduating with honors and was President Scholar of the Art Department.  His works are in several galleries and he frequently shows at outdoor art markets locally and around the country.
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