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Mermaids Heaven Ultra Hugger for slim cans

Mermaids Heaven Ultra Hugger for slim cans

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Mermaids Heaven Ultra Hugger for slim cans. Whatever you drink we have you covereed. Artwork created by one of our artists and printed in full color on this bottle cover. This full color artwork hugger Fits12 oz slim cans for Michelob Ultra, Starbucks Refreshers, Heineken Light, Bud Lite Lime 12 oz, Dry Soda, Coors, Resin, Vitaminwater Engergy, and Perrier Cans. Great collapsible beverge insulator. Great to keep track of your beverage and add a bit of flair to a gathering. These are in full color artwork and washable in the washing machine. Design will not come off. This Slim Can Hugger is from Martin's Fantasy category of products.

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